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HabariMail is a modern, secure direct email marketing and newsletter service designed to communicate your information to over one hundred and thirty thousand users without worrying about deliverability or costs. With mailshots and newsletter services, HabariMail is flexible to suit any kind of individual or business. Try now and join with our happy customers!


Optimize performance through direct email marketing

Good email marketing makes the company look smart. Great email marketing makes the customer feel smart, - Joe Chernov. Send posts, mailshots, ads or messages cheaper, faster and sign up for updates and/or newsletters to the largest mailing list in Tanzania.

Spread the word out on almost anything

Increase your user loyalty by maintaining mutual direct email communication and nurturing your online community.


Marketing Strategy

With demographics covering major cities such as Arusha and Dar-es-Salaam, our targeted email marketing reaches the right people.

Huge Savings

Send mailshots or posts to a large and targeted user base and save tonnes! A shilling saved is a shilling earned. Make the switch, you won't regret it.

Sales and Rental Ads

Any items for sale, houses, vehicles, job postings, rentals and more at very low prices to over one hundred thirty and thousand users.

Beautiful Reports

See results of every mailshot or newsletter in a customized report complete with opens, clicks, bounces, charts and data.

*Reporting is only available for corporate newsletters, the Almasi and Tanzanite packages

Digest Emails Sent Daily

One summary email with muliple mailshots or posts sent daily. Paid packages are flexible for all kinds of advertising. To send an ad or mailshot, first subscribe or join the community, choose your package, make a booking and follow payment instructions. A confirmation message will be sent to you. See the FAQ section for more details.


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Join the community and start posting for only Tsh 20,000

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This is your chance to get connected to over 130,000 users.




TZS 20k /advert
  • 130k Audience Reach
  • 1 Post or Ad
  • Report
  • Webmail Support


TZS 35k /advert
  • 130k Audience Reach
  • 2 Posts or Ads
  • Report
  • Webmail Support


TZS 50k /advert
  • 130k Audience Reach
  • 3 Posts or Ads
  • 3 Reports
  • Webmail Support


TZS 65k /advert
  • 130k Audience Reach
  • 4 Posts or Ads
  • 4 Reports
  • Webmail Support
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